Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Action Aid's Hunger Free plant tags

From your pot of peonies to plants in Parliament Square, wherever things grow, Action Aid wants to see your HungerFree plant tag!

Hunger is political - and people in the UK can make the difference.

Action Aid needs you to spread the word - and send a photo that will encourage others to get involved in ending hunger, everywhere, forever.

Just click the three steps below and find out how you can spread the message.
Step 1: Order your tags on the Action Aid website.
Step 2: Go Guerrilla Gardening (I'm sure you already know how to do that but here are Action Aid's suggestions!):

"We want to see those plant tags spreading accross the country like wildfire. Your friends, neighbours and local politicians should be constantly discovering them - and deciding to join the campaign. A few suggestions:"
  • Make sure that the best-loved plants in your home and garden are as commited to ending hunger as you are by adding a HungerFREE plant tag to their pots or beds.
  • Visiting a tourist attraction? It'll probably have some neatly trimmed plants. Why not accessorise them with some lovely ActionAid plant tags?
  • Popping into the supermarket? Don't you think that those pots of fresh herbs (which always die when you get them home anyway) might be improved by a message about hunger?
Step 3:(optional) Upload a picture

* Take a photo with your digital camera or mobile phone
* Create an email with your name and personal message in the subject line (unless you put the plant tag somewhere really cheeky, in which case you might want to stay anonyous)
* Add the photo to the email as an attachment
* Send the e-mail to fliazogg577@tumblr.com and your photo and message will appear instantly on the ActionAid page.