Wednesday, 2 December 2009

HINT HINT - A Guerrilla Gardener's Christmas Wishlist



Available from Etsy by clicking here

SEEDBOM is the friendly bomb that grows!

SEEDBOMs are handmade from a mixture of eco-friendly, locally sourced and recycled materials such as used egg boxes, shredded office paper, organic compost and flower seeds.

SEEDBOMs contain everything you need to start growing flowers practically anywhere. The idea is to get outside and interact with your environment, join forces with nature and brighten up dull and lifeless places in your area by throwing SEEDBOMs into derelict land, neglected spaces, fenced off eyesores or even your neighbour’s messy garden and watch them grow! 

#2 Outdoor Trompe L'eoil

Inspirational and also perfect for coverign up that eyesore while you are working behind the scenes.  Fantastic value and only available from DZD.

#3,4 5, 6,7 ....

gloves, trowels, forks, automatic planters, hoe, dandelion spade, saws, secateurs, trugs, spades, rakes, water storage canisters and cordless tools...  We always need sundries such as plant markers, rubbish bags, twine etc.   

Site specific wants include habitat boxes, ladybird towers, birdbaths, feeders, pump, pond, pondliners.  In the 'social' space at Porty we are aiming to have seating, benches, tables, solar lighting, firepit, screening and decorative items.  

For growing spaces we need rotavator/tiller, barrow/cart, planters, netting and climber frames. 

We are always trying to spread the word by taking stalls at fairs so are on the lookout for display boards and tables. 

Because we are often up very early or in the middle of nowhere and with no access to electricity, we could do with flasks, camping gear/shelter, waterproofs etc.

Please Santa, we've been very good this year and anything from a trowel to a totem pole would be most gratefully received.