Monday, 30 March 2009

Spring forward...Leap into action in Leith!

The clocks may have gone forward but that doesn't stop a guerrilla gardener...

In the early hours of Sunday morning, two of our sleep-deprived crew set about transforming a neglected 8' x 2' strip of land beside Leith Athletic F.C.

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It didn't take long as the soil wasn't as compacted as we'd feared. After clearing the site of leaves, rubbish and weeds we sowed some bee-attracting flower seeds (including sunflowers) along the back wall.

The daffodils that were planted on a previous mission are beginning to surface and these were supplemented with dahlia pompon, liatris spicata and some mixed oriental lilies.

It will be a good few months before we see the results but the site is already looking better, not least because of the addition of ecga mascot percy the gnome.

After an hour's hard labour the guerillas had an all day breakfast at The Leith Walk Cafe. Want to join us next time??

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  1. I paid a visit to the site on Saturday 11th April. Predictably, Percy had disappeared and litter had appeared. But, hey ho...

    After we cleared away the litter, we planted some sunflower seeds along the wall.