Friday, 8 May 2009

World Nakd Gardening Day

No, we are not making it up...there really is a 'World Naked Gardening Day'. However, Guerrilla Gardening is quite exciting (and chilly) enough without taking off layers of clothing so we decided to celebrated World Nakd Gardening Day/Week/Month, with the help of our friends at Natural Balance Foods.

While we were mixing clay, wildflower seeds, sunflowers and compost to make seedbombs, little gnomes were working through the night smooshing raw fruit, nuts and oats into these uber-healthy yum-bombs.

They were very well received by the troops, junior guerrillas and members of the public alike with cries of "Ooh, give me more, More, MORE" and "Das war köstlich!" and "How often do you guys meet? I'd really like to join you".

The Trek Bars were large enough for two hungry guerrillas to share (a perfect breakfast for early morning starts), while the Banana Bread was a handy size to shove in back pockets as a quick snack on the run.

The raisins were a huge hit with the young gardeners with the cherry infused variety being the most popular.

And, the entire Nakd range is suitable for vegans.

The Nakd bars were all branded with a little bee which was quite appropriate as we were meeting to put together packets of 'Burning Bee' - our bee attracting seed mix.

Those of us on seed packet duty discovered that the Wildly Different bars went great with a glass of wine (those of us on digging duty discovered that if you have a glass of wine you have trouble balancing on your fork).

Thank you Nakd for the best fun a gardener can have with their clothes on! To get hold of your own Prezzie box, packed full of things that make you say 'Yum!', visit the Nakd shop.

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