Saturday, 26 September 2009

A Gaggle of Guerrillas

Shown left is how this Prestonpans High Street site looked at 6.30 this morning.

Shortly after this photograph was taken, fellow guerrilla gardener Rosie turned up, armed with violas, laurels and pansies.

As we began turning over the soil (and discovering several fragments of pottery which Prestonpans is famous for), Anne arrived with a golden conifer, violas and water.

Lucy-Ann and Andrea came along with trays of pretty chrysanthemums and we set to work.

It took less than an hour to fill the plot with daffodil and tulip bulbs, bedding plants, cordyline, heathers, artemisia and a boulder from the beach as a centre piece.

By this time it was light and people were starting to mill about so we went our separate ways, to catch some ZZZZzzz.

As we left the site a flock of pink footed geese flew overhead. Or is it a gaggle? or skein? What is the collective noun for geese? Come to think of it, what is the collective noun for guerrillas. A mask of guerrillas? A balaclava? I ♥ East Lothian. I ♥ guerrilla gardening.

A huge thank you to the fabulous people who gave up their time, plants and water to make this happen.

The location can be viewed here (switch to Bird's Eye View). Feel free to water and weed as necessary!

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