Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Caught on Camera (and it's not CCTV)

Pilton Video presents 6 short films and documentaries- if you want to come along, buy your own ticket (http://www.filmhousecinema.com/tickets) and meet in the bar.

WHAT: Streetwise 2010
WHEN: Saturday 28th March, 1 - 3 p.m.
WHERE: Filmhouse Cinema, Edinburgh

Duration: 120 minutes
Certificate: Rated 12A

Primary Park
Written & directed by Leo Bruges 

When Brian, a nine year mixed race boy, is bullied out of his local playpark, he looks to his hero Barack Obama to find the courage to face the bullies. But will he succeed?

When II Worlds Collide
Written & directed by Garry Fraser

A gritty slice of life portraying the experiences of Jai, a teenage boy from a shattered family, as he crosses the class divide into his girlfriend’s world. 

Written by Fraser Edmond, directed by Catriona Ruth Paterson 

Ben's dream girl arrives for his birthday. Rob, useless in love, wants one too. Leaving town for a few days, Ben presents Rob with an opportunity not to be missed – with tragic consequences.

Street Pastors
Directed & produced by Genevieve Bicknell & Magda Dragan

Late evening on the drunken streets of Edinburgh, the Street Pastors go out to ‘help, care and listen’. As the night progresses and the stories unfold, we wonder who really needs who? 

A Tramline Runs Through It
Directed by Jon Pullman, produced by Lorna Sinclair

It was supposed to be an iconic transport system for Scotland’s capital, but as project costs have escalated and the route downsized, only a single line remains – forging its determined way from airport to ocean.

Guerrilla Gardeners
Directed and produced by The Velveteen Screen Collective.

Across the city a growing army of disaffected gardeners are reclaiming land left to ruin. But just who are these green fingered rebels?
 (Oh, I don't know, who on earth could they be???)

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